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Gordon A. Crews, Ph.D.

Office:   SH 734
Phone:  (304) 696-3083


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Dr. Gordon A. Crews is a Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology at Marshall University (WV).  Dr. Crews began his teaching career in 1990 as department head of the Criminal Justice & Paralegal program at Sumter Area Technical College (SC) at twenty five years old while still in graduate school working towards his Master of Criminal Justice Degree.  He would complete his first seven years of teaching at the community college level by then moving to Midlands Technical College (SC).  Since 1997, Dr. Crews has served as a faculty member and/or academic administrator at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (SC), Valdosta State University (GA), Jacksonville State University (AL), Roger Williams University (RI), Cameron University (OK), and Washburn University (KS). 

In addition to over 23 years of post-secondary education experience, Dr. Crews has conducted POST certified training in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama in the areas of proper police practice.  He has also worked with the Turkish National Police and Ghana National Police on community policing initiatives.  Most recently he has begun communication with the Japan National Police Academy on a comparison of police practices between Japan and the United States.

He earned a Ph.D. in Education/Criminal Justice, a Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and Masters of Criminal Justice, from the University of South Carolina (SC).  He served as Executive Counselor for the Juvenile Justice Section of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and as former President and member of the Board of Directors for the Southern Criminal Justice Association.  In 2008 he was appointed for a three year term as the Executive Director of the Secretariat for this same organization.  In 2010 he had the honor of being appointed the first President of the charter Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Chapter at Marshall University (WV). 

Prior to teaching, Dr. Crews worked in law enforcement (in South Carolina at Richland Country Sheriff’s Department and University of South Carolina Police Department and in Georgia at Floyd Country Sheriff’s Department/Mount Berry College Police Department) as a bloodhound/narcotics k-9 officer & trainer, field-training officer, and criminal investigator (crimes against persons/sexual assault); in corrections as a training and accreditation manager; and in insurance fraud as a private licensed investigator. 

His publications include refereed journal articles dealing with juvenile and school violence, Occult/Satanic involvement and youth, and various law enforcement and correctional issues. His books include Faces of Violence in America (1996), published by Simon & Schuster; The Evolution of School Disturbance in America: Colonial Times to Modern Day (1997), published by Praeger; A History of Correctional Violence: An Examination of Reported Causes of Riots and Disturbances (1998), published by the American Correctional Association; Chasing Shadows: Confronting Juvenile Violence in America (2001), published by Prentice Hall; Living in Prison:  A History of the Correctional System with an Insider’s View (2004), published by Greenwood Publishers; and, his most recent book is entitled, In the Margins:  Special Populations and American Justice  (2008), published by Prentice Hall.

Dr. Crews has myriad current research interests/efforts in the areas of violence and resulting societal reactions.  A primary project as of late 2012 is the interviewing and surveying of 78 incarcerated school violence (K-12) offenders across the United States.  A secondary effort is in working on a new book with a convicted murderer on death row in South Carolina dealing with the realities of living in prison and being incarcerated in the United States.  A third, and ongoing, focus is on an international comparison of police and societal response to individuals involved in alternative belief practices (e.g., Satanism, Wicca, Goth, etc.).   Through these efforts, he currently has three manuscripts in process, School Shooters Speak: Incidents, Perpetrators, and Findings (Carolina Academic Press), Juvenile Delinquency and Violence:  Examining International Police and Societal Response (CRC Press), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Living and Dying in Prison (Alpha Books).   

Since 2000, he has conducted extensive field research in these areas across the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, Netherlands, Central Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey, Ghana, Central and Eastern Europe (Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungry, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia).  His most recent research was conducted in Brazil (2010), Japan (2011), and in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (2012).

Perhaps his most relevant experience which speaks to his ability as an effective expert witness in policing and correctional matters is his role as a lead police/correctional expert in a grant-funded review of police and correctional training curricula (state, county, and municipal) from more than 60 academies across the United States.  This 3 year project involved evaluating all academy curricula and noting what courses were offered, their length and content, and other characteristics of the curricula, instructors, and academies. This work resulted in a complex statistical evaluation and recommendations to improve curricula and make training more effective. The results of this work have been presented at various regional and national conferences and are being developed into manuscripts for publication review in respected criminal justice journals. 

Dr. Crews has also appeared as a consultant on national and international programming such as CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360◦, The Abrams Report, Nancy Grace, Gloria Van Susteren, Ghana, African National Television, and Due Diligence on Voice of Russia Radio Network.


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