GLY 110: General Geology

GLY 314: Mineralogy

GLY: 421: Petrology

Economic Geology

Photomicrographs of rocks and minerals

Field Photos




Geology 425: Geochemistry
An Introduction to the Chemistry of the Earth


Lecture notes

Introduction Reaction Kinetics & Rates of geochemical processes
The origin of the Earth and solar system; element abundances and distributions. Chemistry of Water & Aqueous Solutions
Principles of Crystal Chemistry The system H2O - CO2 - CaCO3.
The Periodic Table; Element associations Activity - activity diagrams: application to weathering & hydrothermal alteration.
Chemical Equilibrium Oxidation - Reduction reactions
The Phase Rule Radioactive & Radiogenic isotopes
Introduction to Thermodynamics Stable isotope geochemistry
Thermodynamics of Solutions Environmental Geochemistry

Last updated: June, 2005