Leslie Frost

Leslie Frost received her B.S. in Chemistry and her M.S. in chemistry from West Virginia University.  Her M.S. research focused on elemental mass spectrometry and the growth of diamond thin films in a glow discharge ionization source.  She received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia where she worked with Dr. Donald F. Hunt and focused on biological mass spectrometry with the goal of identifying and sequencing immunologically active peptides.  Her current research interests at Marshall University focus on biological mass spectrometry, specifically in the identification and analysis of proteins. 

Department of Chemistry
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755
Office: 464 Science Hall
Phone: (304) 696-6774
FAX: (304) 696-3243
E-mail: frost@marshall.edu

Marshall University, 2006