Plants are fascinating!

Why are some plants hairy?

Plant hairs are called trichomes (pronounced: try-combs). Some hairs are chemical factories and produce many different types of chemicals. Other hairs are pointed and protect the leaf. Learn more about interesting trichomes and how they help plants adapt to different environments and deter predators.

Trichome Image Gallery: Images of plant hairs. Take a close look at some examples using different types of magnification and microscopes.

Trichome video: Why are some plants so hairy?

Trichome Trivia: Some interesting facts about trichomes.

Plant Hair Exploration was part of Fascination of Plant Day: Hairy Plants Exploration at the Huntington WV Sustainability Fair on May 16, 2015.

Dr. Harrison is a professor in the Department of Biological sciences with research interests in plant and cell biology.  She teaches undergraduate courses in Introductory Biology, Principles of Cell Biology, and Plant Physiology. Students in Plant Physiology contribute to science outreach by providing ideas, images, and material for projects, such as the "Plants are Fascinating" exhibit. More...