Medical Entomology and Parasitology Lab

         After working with the Smithsonian / Peace Corps Environmental Program at the University of Ghana at Legon (West Africa), and Washington, D.C. (1971-’72), Dr. Joy joined the Marshall faculty in the Autumn of 1972. He has taught medical entomology and parasitology every year since 1972, and a course in invertebrate zoology since 1980. He has also been involved in teaching introductory biology for both science majors, and non-majors, with occasional offerings in epidemiology, protozoology, and medical and veterinary acarology.

         Dr. Joy has published papers (many with student co-authors) on a wide variety of invertebrate animals in more than two dozen different scientific journals during his 45 year tenure at the university. In addition, he served as a member of the editorial board for Comparative Parasitology for 12 years, and has refereed manuscripts for a number of journals; most notably the Journal of Parasitology, Comparative Parasitology, the Journal of Medical Entomology, the Transactions of the American Microscopical Society, the American Mosquito Control Association, and the West Virginia Academy of Sciences. He brings this teaching and research experience to the development of an extensive “digital museum” of invertebrate animals.

Research Interests

This lab investigates dipterans of all kinds from the Culicidae family to the Tabanidae family. Work currently involves research into the mouthparts and more specifically the sensilla within these mouthparts. 

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Bring us your dying, your diseased, your roadkill for investigation into the parasites contained within. Additionally, if you find any cool bugs send them our way. 

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