Valluri Lab Group


Current Lab Members

William Kelly

Sarah Kelly,

Visiting Lab Members

Emily Becklehimer

Kasey Jividen


Jackie Decker (Fall 06, Spring 07) Cell Culture in Microgravity

Sarah Kelly (Fall 06, Spring 07) Optimization of Periwinkle Cell Cultures

Jeremy Cumberledge (Spring 07)  Biomass production in a Photo-bioreactor

Cassie York (Spring 06) Protein and Biomass Production in a Microgravity-based Bioreactor.

Jeremy Cumberledge (Spring 06) Optimization of Plant Cell Culture in a Bioreactor

using cell-lift Impeller

Kris Reynolds (Fall 04-Spring 05) Plant tissue culture protocols.

Todd Derreberry (Fall 04 Spring 05) Alkaloid production from periwinkle cells in a space bioreactor.

Mike Bartholomew (Fall 02): Plant Cell Culture growth in Microgravity-based Bioreactors.

Susan Hoppe (Spring 02): Photo-bioreactor Culture of Kantikari Plant Cells.

Nnamdi Dike (Fall 2001): Growth and Initiation of Kantikari Calli Cultures.


Media Credit: Jessica R. Gibbs and the Valluri Lab

Top Left: (from left to right) Todd, Kris, Courtis, Dr. Valluri, Dr. Gonda, and Mike

Top Right: Mike with the HFB Bioreactor

Bottom Left: Jackie, Jeremy, Sarah and Dr. Valluri

Bottom Right: Jeremy with the Celligen(R) Benchtop Bioreactor


Current Research