Bin Wang
Bin Wang received her Ph.D. (2004) from Queen’s University, Canada.  Her doctoral studies with Richard D. Oleschuk and J. Hugh Horton spanned the areas of analytical chemistry, nanotechnology, and surface chemistry, which involved developing polymer materials to fabricate microfluidic devices and further chemical modification of polymer surfaces for specific microfluidic applications.  After finishing her Ph.D., Dr. Wang conducted a one-year postdoctoral research with P. Martin Petkovich at Queen’s University to develop antigen- and antibody-modified polymer microdevices.  In 2005, she joined Kevin M. Weeks’ research group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Her postdoctoral work involved applying the newly developed RNA structure-analyzing technology to monitor ligand-induced conformational changes in tRNAs and mRNAs.  Dr. Wang’s areas of interest are RNA biochemistry and nanotechnology.
Department of Chemistry
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Marshall University, 2006